The most beautiful sites of the Hérault Department (and surrounding area) 360 ° virtual reality

Welcome to the Hérault in virtual reality!

Click on the link above, then choose your language (french or English), and then, on the map of the Hérault which appears, start the virtual tour by clicking on the location of your choice.

For a total immersion and if your smartphone allows I recommend you carry a virtual helmet (oculus rift, samsung gear vr, google cardboard vr…), you will be amazed! Launch the interactive animation as shown above, and then click the icon "virtual helmet" located at the bottom of the screen, then insert your smartphone into your virtual headset… and it's gone!

You dive in the heart of the most beautiful sites of this Department (and surrounding area) + 300 Visual interactive 360 ° land, air and underwater (for the "virtual reality" version), which are more decorated numerous videos and photos (for the normal "web" version).

You will fly above majestic sites (the cirque of Navacelles, the Lake of Salagou…), plunge into its crystal clear rivers (screw, Buege, the Orb…), or you stroll quietly among the historical sites, natural… This magnificent Department.

This interactive animation is, despite the many months of work that it has asked me, completely free! But nothing prevents you from pre-order the 'good book' (being created) which will resume the most beautiful panoramic photos (perfect as gift idea), or order a print large format of one of these pictures (catalog in preparation), just contact me for more information on these 2 points, thank you in advance it encourages!

Finally, feel free of course to follow.

I wish you all and all an excellent virtual stroll in a world (that was) real.